UK Dirt 3 sales: Xbox 63%, PS3 37%

But PSN not to blame, says Codies.

Nearly two-thirds of UK Dirt 3 sales were made on Xbox 360, but Codemasters doesn't believe shoppers are put off by a wobbly PSN service.

"PSN hasn't had a hugely adverse affect on sales," a spokesperson for Codemasters told Eurogamer this morning.

A rough split of around 60-40 was expected, the publisher intimated.

The actual split was 63 per cent Xbox 360 to 37 per cent PS3.

Dirt 3 entered second behind L.A. Noire in the UK all-formats chart. Eurogamer scored Dirt 3 a massive 9/10. "Codemasters has succeeded in curating another superlative festival of driving," we wrote.

The first 15 minutes of Dirt 3.

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