Retro City Rampage heading to XBLA

Lunatic GTA homage revs its engines.

Insane Grand Theft Auto-inspired WiiWare romp Retro City Rampage is heading to Xbox Live Arcade, its developer has confirmed.

Brian Provinciano's game a sort of maniac 8-bit cocktail of GTA, Commando, The Legend of Zelda and Contra was originally planned as a WiiWare exclusive.

However, Brian has announced that he's doing the decent thing and going multi-platform. According to Destructoid, the game will now launch on Xbox Live Arcade next summer before hitting WiiWare a few months later.

And the reason for this decision? "In order to continue making these games and not have to start flipping burgers after Retro City Rampage is done," Provinciano explained, "it needed to be multi-platform."

WiiWare, it seems, doesn't pay the bills these days.

Have a look at the trailer below and play "spot the videogame reference". We'll get things started: there are stores called Sneaky Snake Box 'n' Crate and Skate or Buy in the first few frames alone.

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