Next COD to be set in space?

Sources: Sledgehammer looking to the stars.

The next game in the Call of Duty series will be set in space, industry sources have claimed.

Gamasutra report, "Industry sources say Sledgehammer's Call of Duty will be set in the future and feature, for lack of a better term, space marines - a very big step for a franchise that has historically based itself on realism."

Activision's enormously successful FPS franchise seems to have finally turned its back on its traditional World War II setting with this year's Cold War-set Black Ops.

But is a futuristic setting pushing things too far? Sledgehammer's boss, Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, earlier this year said that the studio's first game for Activision would be "quite unique" and "bring something new and exciting to our fans."

Black Ops more contemporary setting has worked out pretty well for developers Treyarch. Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell awarded the game an 8/10 and it's selling like gangbusters.

Sledgehammer's first Call of Duty game is expected to arrive sometime in 2011.

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