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Edinburgh Zoo renames wolverine in honour of Wolverine

Amazing pictures inside.

The UK's only resident wolverine has been given a new name to celebrate the launch of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Edinburgh Zoo has renamed the wolverine 'Logan'. Should have called him '5/10'.

As soon as he heard the news, Hugh Jackman said goodbye to sunny LA and jetted into the Scottish capital to face off with his new rival. The sparks flew when adamantium blades met real-life razor-sharp claws, as these amazing pictures show.

As part of Activision's advertising promotion pardon generous charitable donation, the company is sponsoring the Zoo's wolverine enclosure. This will help ensure the breeding programme continues throughout 2009 or 2010. Though it can't be going very well if they've only got one wolverine.

"What better way is there to pay homage to the mighty Wolverine by making sure his real life cousins are cared for during the next year?" said Activision exec Aruna Sinha, who clearly hasn't seen much cosplay.

"With wolverines an endangered species, we see Wolverine having a major role in helping people become more aware of these wonderful creatures and ensuring their survival for many years to come."

Rumours that the Zoo will soon be changing the name of one of its most popular big cats to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 are completely made up.