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Yuke's prepares DS puzzler

Stylus-based tangrams.

Japanese developer Yuke's has come up with a novel new DS puzzle game to appeal to mature audiences. (By which we think they mean granny and granddad - otherwise their vision of bongo gaming is somewhat different to ours).

Called NEVES, it's all about using the stylus to tilt, flip and otherwise manipulate wooden blocks so that they fit into a silhouette, which might outline something simple like a shirt or something complex. Like a squirrel.

Each puzzle is a tangram, for those of you who like classifying things, consisting of seven wooden blocks, and there'll be over 500 of them in the game, with "count" and "time" modes in addition to "puzzle" and "versus".

It's due out in November in the US courtesy of Atlus, although there's no word on a European release date. And if you're trying to align it with the wealth of curiosities on Japanese release schedules, it goes by the name "HameKomi Lucky Puzzle DS" in the land of its birth.

You can check out screenshots in our NEVES DS screenshot gallery.