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Year Walk and Device 6 dev reveals cancelled 3DS game Rollovski

Play the prototype now on PC and Mac.

Simogo - developer of Year Walk, Device 6, The Sailor's Dream, and Beat Sneak Bandit - has revealed a cancelled game prototype from its archive.

The Rollovski prototype's soundtrack was written by Year Walk and Device 6 composer Daniel Olsén.

Originally in development for 3DS, Rollovski was an abstract arcade game about a limbless, spherical sleuth searching for clues in an abandoned "Round Room Hotel" by toggling between planes in a series of interconnected circular rooms. Think of it like several slices of swiss cheese piled atop on another with your character rolling around the negative space before leaping between layers.

"We imagined a game where circle pad being directly connected to a flat surface displayed on the 3D screen, so that they would 'physically' move around, 1:1 to your thumb movements," said Simogo's Simon Flesser on the developer's blog. "We came up with the idea of having several surfaces layered in 3D, and having a ball rolling between them. The ball eventually became a round little detective and so Rollovski was born!"

Simogo noted that Rollovski was prototyped after Beat Sneak Bandit and was set to take place in the same universe. There's a full PDF document detailing several traps and design elements Simogo was thinking of implementing had it proceeded with making Rollovski.

The developer offered a playable prototype of Rollovski for PC and Mac with Xbox 360 controller support (you can download an unofficial driver for Mac here), though you can also play it with a keyboard, albeit in a more unwieldy fashion.

Rollovski was but one of many ideas Simogo was rolling around at the time, with other titles having such intriguing names as The Great Ziorawski Acrobats, Common Sense Police, My Triangle Friend, Observe Agents, and Inverto Maze. What will they come up with next?