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Xmas PS3 sales top 1.2m in Europe

It's a record-breaker, says Sony.

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Sony has declared PlayStation 3 had a bumper Christmas in Europe, with more consoles sold over a five-week period than ever before.

The company reckons 1.2 million PS3s were shifted in total. According to big king chief man Kaz Hirai, that figure is in line with high US sales during December.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Hirai said Sony would continue to ramp up support for its shiny black box. "We want to promote games only available for PlayStation 3," he said. "The introduction of the 40 gigabyte model is in line with that strategy."

According to analysts, Sony is unlikely to meet its target of 11 million PS3 units shipped by the end of March. A figure of 8 million is more likely, apparently. But Kaz sounds very relaxed about everything.

"We haven't made any conclusion whether we have to give it up," he stated. "It depends on how aggressively dealers buy our PS3 inventory."

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