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Xbox's latest update lets you reveal secret achievements

Master secret.

There's good news for all of you achivement hunters, as this month's Xbox dashboard update will let you reveal the details of secret achivements.

This should save quite a bit of time for completionists, who will no longer have to resort to Google in order to find the one pesky achievement that haunts your nightmares.

To find the hidden details, just open the Xbox Guide from within a game and go to Game Activity and then Achievements. After that, you just need to find the achievement you're after and manually select to unhide it.

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The new feature isn't just exclusive to Xbox consoles either. PC users playing a game on PC Game Pass or from the Microsoft Store can also reveal hidden achivements through the Game Bar (Windows Key + G or the Xbox button on your controller).

You can also review achivements on the Xbox app on Android and iOS.

The update puts the Xbox platform in line with PlayStation, which has had the feature as far back as 2016.

Just remember to use it sparingly, often times developers hide achivements to protect you from story spoilers. Still, it's nice to have that choice.