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Xbox SmartGlass streaming service announced

Internet Explorer confirmed for Xbox 360.

Microsoft has announced Xbox SmartGlass, a set of new features for streaming content between Xbox 360, Windows tablets and phones. It'll launch this autumn.

Users can send an in-progress movie from tablet to Xbox 360 to watch on the big screen. Your tablet then shows information about cast and characters.

Watching episodes of Game of Thrones will show you an active map of the world, reflecting what you're watching the TV show.

The technology can also be implemented in Xbox 360 games. A user was showed playing Madden, moving members of their team around on your tablet's touch-screen. The player's actions were then reflected when the game un-pauses on your TV screen.

It's the very dual-screen concept Nintendo is pushing with the Wii U.

In another announcement, Internet Explorer was also confirmed as coming to Xbox 360. You can control the browser via your tablet, allowing you to manipulate web pages via touch.

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