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Xbox sets expectations for its Tokyo Games Show livestream

"No new global debuts should be expected."

Microsoft has set expectations ahead of its upcoming Xbox livestream for Tokyo Games Show.

The live event will be broadcast on Thursday, 30th September at 6pm Japan time (that's 10am here in the UK) but focus on "regionally relevant updates on previously announced games coming later this year", Microsoft has now said.

Importantly, "no new global debuts should be expected". In other words, don't expect Microsoft to suddenly reveal Halo Infinite 2, or that it's pocketed Nintendo.

A Japan-focused update for Flight Sim featured in last year's Xbox TGS briefing.Watch on YouTube

As I wrote earlier in the month when Xbox announced this livestream, it is always worth managing expectations for Tokyo Games Show appearances.

At the time, Microsoft said it had "some exclusive news and content to share", but these events often focus fully on the Japanese game market, and sometimes simply serve to resurface news and existing trailers with local release information. Unsurprisingly, that sounds like what we'll see again here.

This year's all-digital Tokyo Game Show 2021 will also include announcement livestreams from Square Enix, Capcom and Sega. Of course, we'll bring you any new announcements.