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Xbox Series X/S gets its first TV ad, starring Daniel Kaluuya

Power your dreams!

If you've been curious to know how Microsoft and Sony are planning to market their respective consoles to the broader masses at launch now that the likes of us are whipped into a suitable frenzy, a partial answer has arrived in the form of the very first Xbox Series X/S TV advert.

Officially titled "Us Dreamers", it stars Daniel Kaluuya - of Get Out and Black Panther fame - on a spirited (and, as Microsoft puts it, "inspirational") journey across a variety of game-inspired dreamscapes; Halo gets the most obvious nod, for instance, while the likes of what seem to be PUBG, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Minecraft make slightly more subtle appearances, all adding up to a terrifying cosmic nightmare I can only assume we'll all be perpetually in danger of experiencing first-hand whenever we turn on our Xbox Series X/S.

The advert is part of Microsoft's Power Your Dreams Xbox Series X/S launch campaign, which, it says "speaks to the idea that when we game - whether on console, PC or phone, we dream".

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Assuming you haven't already retched a little, there's even more on Microsoft's Xbox Wire website, where it continues, "Sometimes we dream about being someone else or about being our true selves. Sometimes we dream of an epic win with a group of friends or a solo adventure that challenges what we think we're capable of. And sometimes we dream of first place or making this world a better place."

Miraculously avoiding the word 'synergy', it adds, "As we approach the launch of a new generation of gaming, there comes a renewed source of joy and inspiration for gamers around the world. We invite you to come on this journey with us. To dream of more vibrant and living gaming worlds. To dream of being instantly transported to your games at blazingly fast speeds. To dream of discovering your full gaming potential through high visual fidelity and even higher framerates, never experienced on consoles before."

Those that manage to secure an Xbox Series X/S will, of course, be able to float away to the moon themselves when the consoles launch in just over a month's time, on 10th November.

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