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Xbox Originals Burnout 3 on Monday


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Burnout 3: Takedown will be making its debut on Xbox Originals on Monday, 14th January at 2am PST (10am GMT), according to the Microsofties at Gamerscoreblog.

It had originally been mooted ahead of the service's launch, but seemed to be replaced at the 11th hour by Fahrenheit - not something we moaned about excessively at the time, or, er, really noticed. Sorry about that.

Still, it means our Xbox Originals roundup is pre-emptively complete. Venture there to be told that "Crash mode also said hello to the infamous Crashbreakers and Heartbreakers, which continue to divide opinion next to the relative purity of Burnout 2". Amazing.

Xbox Originals is a service that lets you download old Xbox games on Xbox 360, a bit like if they were Xbox Live Arcade games, except occupying a lot more space and - annoyingly - with minor bugs.

Like the other Xbox Originals games, Burnout 3 will be asking for 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96), and competes with Halo, Psychonauts, Crimson Skies, Fuzion Frenzy, Fable, Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex and of course Fahrenheit for your virtual money.

Head straight through to Kristan's Burnout 3: Takedown Xbox review for more old-days words.

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