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Xbox One's next update adds tournament feature, custom gamer pics

And ability to connect to Wi-Fi which needs browser log-in.

Xbox One's next system update adds support for the console's new ESL-backed tournaments feature, named Arena.

World of Tanks is the first game supported by Arena. You can use it to join ranked matches, be notified of tournament progression and to see and share results.

Arena was announced a while back, along with Xbox's partnership with ESL, the world's largest esports company. Expect support for more games in the near future.


This next firmware update also includes the ability to upload a custom gamerpic - a much-requested feature among fans.

Microsoft doesn't really go into details here, but mentions you uploading a custom image from your mobile phone, PC or console. It'll be interesting to see how the company avoids images which may offend others.

"We're excited to bring this top fan-requested feature to Xbox Live and expect it to be in preview longer than other features to ensure it's great for everyone when released," Microsoft simply states.

Another handy feature worthy of mention: the update lets you log into a Wi-Fi network which needs to use a browser for signing in or authentication. Very handy if you are on a university or hotel network, or some other shared Wi-Fi.

Other fixes and tweaks include the ability to filter your game library via Xbox 360 or Xbox One games, pin items to the top of your activity feed, and select an auto-zoom using Kinect for when you are streaming or using Skype.

The update will trickle out to Insider preview subscribers this month, then everyone else after that.