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Xbox One's Kinect will talk back to users ala Siri or Knight Rider - rumour

Also supports remote play.

The Xbox One's Kinect will allegedly talk back to gamers, just as Knight Rider prophesied and Siri later manifested.

You said it, Kinect.

According to a couple of sources at Polygon who reportedly tested the hardware, the Kinect will eventually implement two-way conversations, though it's unclear if this will be available at the console's launch.

The report stated that in one scenario the Kinect would scan the faces of viewers and stop if it spotted someone it didn't recognize. The not-quite-sentient machine would then alert the console owner that there was a new person in the room and would ask this stranger to identify themselves before it would save their info for future reference.

The Polygon report also noted that the Xbox One will feature remote play. According to the source, a player could ask their friend over Skype to take over for them to assist in a difficult part of a game. Once this occurs, either player can end the remote session with the press of a button.

It's not clear if this second player would need to own the game, too, or how long a remote play session could last. It's also unclear if this will be powered by the Xbox One's cloud integration, as Sony is supporting a similar feature via Gaikai.

When we asked about this, a Microsoft spokesperson issued us the following statement:

"In the days since we announced Xbox One there has been a lot of random speculation about various features and potential future scenarios for Xbox One. We look forward to sharing more details at a later date, but aren't discussing anything further at this time."