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Xbox One's Kinect lets you stand closer to the sensor - report

Scooch in 0.4 meters.

A leaked Brazilian Xbox One manual suggests that the next version of Kinect won't require users to stand as far away from the sensor as they did with the previous model.

According to the document (via NeoGAF), players should stand at least 1.4 meters (about 4.6 feet) away from the sensor. Conversely, the original Kinect suggested solo players stand back at least six feet (about 1.8 meters) and two players should stand closer to eight feet (2.4 meters) away.

Height-wise the new Kinect sounds about the same as the old one, with the suggested resting place between 0.6 meters (about two feet) and 1.8 meters (about six feet).

Still, being able to stand about a quarter closer to the sensor could be a big win for people with small living quarters (like yours truly).

We've reached out to Microsoft to see if it can confirm that this manual is on the level, but Microsoft is refusing to comment on the issue.

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