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Xbox One X won't include Xbox One S' offer of free Kinect adaptor

Ah well.

When Microsoft launched Xbox One S in August 2016, it did so with the offer of a free adaptor to use the console with Kinect.

That promotion expired in March this year.

When Microsoft launches Xbox One X this November, there will be no similar offer.

Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg confirmed the detail to a fan via Twitter last night:

Unlike the original Xbox One model, neither the S or X include a native Kinect port - so a USB adaptor is required to use the camera. But it's unlikely many adopters will be too upset.

Kinect games have now all but dried up, and the peripheral itself completely sidelined.

Microsoft bet the farm on including Kinect with every Xbox One console to begin with - a decision it U-turned on as soon as current Xbox boss Phil Spencer took charge.

Kinect already seems like a relic. Remember the original Xbox One dashboard, built so Kinect could be used with it? Remember all those great Kinect games? No, probably not.

And so my launch day Xbox One's Kinect now lies, gathering dust, somewhere behind my TV.