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Xbox One will let you upload videos to YouTube starting tomorrow

GoPro app launches for Xbox 360.

One of the chief features of next-gen consoles is the ability to record and share gameplay videos online, and Microsoft is embracing this emerging trend whole hog by adding an update to its Xbox One YouTube app that will allow users to upload gameplay clips to the popular video portal.

Starting tomorrow, players will be able to utilise this feature. First, they'll record the video using the Game DVR, then they'll be able to edit said clip in Upload Studios, and finally they can post it directly to YouTube by clicking on the new "My Uploads" button within the YouTube app.

Additionally, the YouTube app update will come with the ability to watch YouTube videos in Snap Mode, add individual videos to your Pins, earn Media Achievements, and add your favourite YouTube channels to the OneGuide, so their updates will appear alongside your TV listings.

Microsoft's other big update tomorrow is a GoPro app for Xbox 360 that Xbox Live Gold Subscribers can use to watch and even upload videos made with GoPro's unique camera accessories that are best known for recording extreme sports maneuvers and stunts. Much of the app will revolve around watching GoPro's originally-produced content, but dedicated users will actually be able to purchase the camera and its accessories through the app, and can upload their own user-generated content to it as well.

The GoPro app will come to Xbox One this summer.

GoPro will debut two videos on its Xbox 360 app a week before they appear anywhere else. This is a teaser for one such video.Watch on YouTube