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Xbox One April system update includes voice messages

Works cross-platform with Xbox 360, too.

Microsoft has detailed further Xbox One enhancements due as part of the system's April firmware update, including voice messages.

Available to dashboard preview testers this week and all Xbox One owners soon after, voice messaging will allow you to leave voicemail-style audio clips in your friends' inboxes.

A popular feature on Xbox 360, voice messages have been one of the most-requested Xbox One features among fans.

The system will even allow Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners to exchange voice messages regardless of platform.

Two other new features have also been detailed: an updated What's On section of the dashboard, now more tailored to the games or series that you play, and dedicated servers for those struggling with party chat connections.

These come on top of the earlier features detailed for April: improved party chat troubleshooting, better achievement notifications and deeper integration of the Xbox One's game hubs.

Watch Microsoft demonstrate the new additions below:

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