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Xbox One and FIFA 14 bundle spotted for £329

£100 cheaper than last November's launch price.

You can now buy an Xbox One console and FIFA 14 for £329 at UK retailer Overclockers - that's £100 cheaper than the console's original £429 launch price.

The deal, posted to Twitter by Trade in Detectives, doesn't seem to be time-limited.

Microsoft cut the UK price of Xbox One to £399.99 back in February and bundled in a free copy of the highly-anticipated Titanfall.

Amazon and UK supermarket Asda then went a step further and dropped the price of the Titanfall bundle another £50 - down to £349.99 - a price that's still available.

Microsoft announced last week it had now shipped 5 million Xbox One consoles to retailers worldwide. By comparison, Sony has sold 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles to customers.