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Xbox Indie Games Summer Uprising live

10 titles released over next two weeks.

10 top Indie Games will release on Xbox Live Marketplace over the next two weeks as part of the new Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion.

The titles were chosen by the community to represent the very best of bedroom-based development.

Already out is Raventhorne, an impressive looking Norse action side-scroller. Today's launch is Battle High: San Bruno, a 2D fighter inspired by the SNK classics of old.

The Indie Games Summer Uprising website has detailed descriptions of the full roster, or you can watch footage of the entire troupe below.

Meant to mirror Microsoft's own Summer of Arcade promotion, the Summer Uprising is the second such indie event after last December's XBLIG Winter Uprising.

The Winter Uprising followed a public spat between Microsoft and XBLIG developers who were furious at a Marketplace re-organisation that initially moved Indie Games into the Speciality Shops section. An outpouring of indie dev anger caused Microsoft to quickly backtrack their decision.

The XBLIG Summer Uprising line-up

  • Mon Aug 22nd - Raventhorne (240 MS Points)
  • Tues Aug 23rd - Battle High: San Bruno (80 Points)
  • Wed Aug 24th - Cute Things Dying Violently (80 Points)
  • Thurs Aug 25th - T.E.C. 3001 (240 Points)
  • Fri Aug 26th - Doom and Destiny (240 Points)
  • Mon Aug 29th - Take Arms (240 Points)
  • Tues Aug 30th - SpeedRunner HD (240 Points)
  • Wed Aug 31st - Train Frontier Express (240 Points)
  • Thurs Sept 1st - Chester (240 Points)
  • Fri Sept 2nd - Redd: The Lost Temple (240 Points)