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Xbox dashboard Easter egg revealed after 20 years

And there's another still hidden, creator teases.

A neat little Easter egg for the original Xbox has been revealed via Kotaku, two decades after Microsoft's console first launched.

The hidden secret is a small, static credits screen dedicated to Xbox staff members which worked on the console's now legendary green interface. (It's a design Microsoft recently honoured with a throwback theme on Xbox Series X/S.)

Kotaku was recently contacted by an anonymous Xbox developer who worked on the console way back when - and who had decided enough time had passed that no one was going to find the secret by accident.

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And, to be fair, it really does seem unlikely anyone ever would stumble upon this. The process involves ripping an audio CD and then giving its album a specific title: "Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". (I guess they were a South Park fan?)

After the CD is ripped, the Settings > System Info will change to display the names of four staff who worked on the console's dashboard: Victor Blanco, Sakphong Chanbai, Bradford Christian and Jim Helm.

It's a similar process to a previously-known Easter egg which asks you name a ripped CD album as "Eggsβox". That technique unlocks a credits roll for the whole console.

One more OG Xbox Easter egg apparently still remains uncovered, according to the console's creator Seamus Blackley. Blackley previously teased that this still-hidden secret had something to do with the console's boot animation - and that it would be "obvious" when finally uncovered. Hmm...

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