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Xbox adds option to increase download speeds by suspending game

Pipe dreams.

Microsoft has added a new "suspend my game" feature to the Xbox download queue screen. Selecting it will "help improve download speeds".

The option is appearing now on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles for those signed up to Xbox's Insider program, which unlocks new dashboard features early.

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Eurogamer news cast: what Xbox's Bethesda exclusives mean for the future.

"Suspend in the queue will let you download at full speed while making sure your game remains resumable (or quick resume-able on Series X|S)," Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie wrote on Twitter.

Why might you not get a full download speed with a game running? Xbox keeps a portion of your connection reserved for any potential online connectivity, which quitting or suspending games will then unlock.

Another recent change: you can now see banners highlighting new games for Xbox Game Pass and those leaving the subscription soon when browsing your library. Handy!