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Xbox 360 was the UK's best-selling home console in 2013

Vita beat Wii U.

The Xbox 360 was the UK's best-selling home console in 2013, figures shown to Eurogamer reveal.

The data from UK numbers company Chart-Track indicates that Xbox 360 beat both next-gen consoles, but that 3DS - when you lump together all models in its hardware family - was top.

PlayStation 4 came third in 2013's console race, despite being released for the least amount of time.

Xbox One could only manage fifth place, behind PlayStation 3.

Individually, sales of the original 3DS plummeted 69.9 per cent, but this was counteracted by sales of the 3DS XL model (up 51 per cent) and the launch of 2DS.

Counting all 3DS incarnations altogether, Nintendo's handheld was one of only two existing systems to show positive growth (combined sales were up four per cent on 2012's totals).

The other console to show positive gains was Wii U - although this is more due to it only launching right at the end of 2012.

Looking just at last year's figures, Wii U was out-performed even by PlayStation Vita, despite Sony's struggling handheld itself falling 41.5 per cent in sales compared to 2012.

In total, 2013 hardware sales were up 5 per cent on 2012 (although 38 per cent in revenue) thanks to the launch of PS4 and Xbox One.

The two next-gen consoles accounted for around a third of all hardware bought last year - even though they only launched in November.