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Xbox 360 Elite won't replace Core or Premium

"20GB is still a sweet spot."

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The Xbox 360 Elite won't replace existing Core or Premium units, according to Microsoft, with a spokesperson telling Eurogamer that it would act as a third and separate package.

"At the moment there are three models of 360. They are separate models, and the Elite will not influence on the other model's availability," Microsoft's Kate Szlendak told Eurogamer.

The new black colouring will also stay exclusively on the revamped unit for the time being, though peripherals will be available to buy in either colour.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite, which will launch across North America on 29th April for US$ 479, this morning.

New features include an HDMI port, 120GB hard drive, and swanky new black peripherals.

You will be able to buy the 120GB hard drive separately from the console, in silver, for US$ 179. However, director of global platform marketing, Albert Penello, insists Microsoft will still focus primarily on the 20GB model, and has no plans to push people toward the revamped unit.

"The 20GB is still a sweet spot, we're still going to make sure that's what we're optimised for," Penello told Xbox live director of programming Larry Hryb in a podcast.

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