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The Xbook One is a $1500 Xbox One laptop

Self-taught engineer takes up the mantle.

The Xbook One is an Xbox One laptop, and it can be yours for $1500.

Ed Zarick, a self-taught engineer from the US, had already created a number of Xbox 360 laptops - what he calls Xbooks. Now, he's turned his attention to the Xbox One, and come up with the Xbook One.

Zarick explains the process of making an Xbook One in a post on his website, EdsJunk.net.

Essentially, the Xbook One is a plastic case which holds an Xbox One inside, with a 22" LED LDC monitor hooked up. The Xbox One is unmodified, so you're not breaking any rules around Xbox Live. However, your console loses its warranty as Zarick has to take it apart.

All the ports are still accessible in the back of the unit, so you can still plug in Kinect if you fancy it.

Here's how much it costs:

  • Xbook One 500GB with Kinect: $1495
  • Xbook One (you provide the Xbox One): $1095
  • To include HDMI Out: $50
  • Flat Rate Shipping of $75 to 48 US States (Zarick suggests getting in touch if you're after international shipping).

"I have spent a lot of hours working on this trying to get ease of producing them easier," he explained.

"The quicker I can build these, the cheaper I can sell them. It's that simple. But with the cost of the new Xboxs compared to the 360s, and the higher cost of the parts used in production of this unit, it's going to be more than my last Xbook.

"A 500 Xbook One with Kinect is going to cost $1495 plus shipping. This may seem expensive, but they are expensive to produce."

Fancy it?

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