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XBLIG gets voice-controlled shooter

Insane PewPewPew... shmup is mic-only.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Control pads, gyroscopes, accelerometers, Kinect: all old hat. The future of game control, according to one imaginative indie developer, is speech.

Out this week on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 Microsoft Points, PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up that's controlled entirely via a microphone.

Saying "Pew" into the mic makes the game's hero simultaneously fire projectiles and boost his jet pack, while shouting unleashes your smart bomb.

A Rock Band mic is recommended, though any Xbox 360-compatible device will work, including headsets.

Check out the video, spotted by Siliconera, below to see exactly how Incredible Ape's quirky creation works.

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