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XBLA game Fusion: Genesis announced

Ex-Rare veterans reveal their first game.

Starfire Studios, the independent developer founded by former Rare staffers, has announced its first game: Xbox Live Arcade title Fusion: Genesis.

Fusion: Genesis, out later this year, is a Microsoft Studios' published sci-fi twin-stick shooter with MMORPG elements.

You control a space ship as you complete solo and co-op quests, level up and embark on raids.

The game is "always connected", with players populating your world dynamically. Co-op is for up to four players. Player versus player warzones accomodate up to eight players.

Genesis links with Windows Phone game Fusion: Sentient, developed by a separate studio. You cultivate AI pet units on the mobile game and trade them using an auction house system in the main game.

Starfire Studios is Chris Tilston, Mark Edmonds, Philip Dunne and Ross Bury - former Rare veterans who worked on Goldeneye, Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark and Kameo.

The game's launch trailer is below. Check out Eurogamer's exclusive Fusion: Genesis preview and interview for more.