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WWE 2K18 for Switch marks series' return to Nintendo after five years

Royal HD Rumble.

Punch! Bosh! Blart! Wrestling is coming to Nintendo Switch in the six-packed shape of WWE 2K18.

It's the first official WWE game to grace a Nintendo system since WWE '13 in 2012 - all the way back on the Wii.

WWE wrestling man Seth Rollins just confirmed the news via Twitter. He's a big Nintendo fan, apparently!

WWE 2K18 was previously confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to be released on 17th October. The Nintendo Switch version will be available this "autumn".

Switch currently has a small but growing level of support from major third-party publishers. EA is bringing its own version of FIFA 18, Ubisoft has Just Dance 18 and its Mario Rabbids exclusive, Sega has Sonic Forces, Bethesda has a portable Skyrim, while Square Enix has Dragon Quest 11.

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