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Wrestling RPG WrestleQuest misses today's launch, gets two week delay

Due to progress-deleting bug.

Image credit: Mega Cat Studios/Skybound Games

If you've been furiously refreshing your storefront of choice ready for WrestleQuest's arrival today, you might want to calm your finger; developer Mega Cat Studios has announced a very-last-minute delay, pushing the exuberant wrestling RPG's launch back to 22nd August.

WrestleQuest, which Mega Cat describes as a collision between pro wrestling and RPG fantasy, was originally due to launch for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC today, 8th August. However, the studio has now opted to postpone its release for a couple of weeks after discovering a save-deleting bug during last-minute testing.

"When performing final checks on one of our launch platforms," the developer explained in a recently shared tweet, "we discovered it was possible for players to lose their save game progress when playing WrestleQuest on multiple different devices."

WrestleQuest was due to launch today, 8th August.Watch on YouTube

"Because this game is filled with hours of content and player progress is so important," it continued, "we could never body slam our fans like that."

WrestleQuest, for the uninitiated, cast players as wannabe wrestler Randy Santos, setting them on a quest to make it big in the world of piledriving and powerbombing. It's basically a ridiculous, wrestling-infused take on classic RPGs, featuring questing, party management, and turn-based (wrestling) combat. There's even room for some real-world wrestling cameos, including the likes of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Andre the Giant.

Following its revised release date, WrestleQuest will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Steam on 22nd August.

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