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Wreck-It Ralph sequel coming March 2018

Gonna smash it.

Wreck-It Ralph, Disney's take on the secret life of video game arcades, is getting a sequel.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 launches on 9th March 2018, the House of Mouse announced last night, and explores the world of online gaming.

The first film featured cameos from video game villains such as Bowser, Ryu, Sonic and Pac-Man - it'll be interesting to see who gets picked this time around.

Already, Ralph voice actor John C. Reilly and director Rich More are confirmed to return.

Disney has been quietly cooking a sequel over the last two years, and has previously said it wanted more Nintendo characters to appear.

Concept art showing Ralph and pal Vanellope looking over the internet has also been released.

We can see spoof logos for plenty of internet companies - Google, Buzzfeed, Amazon - along with nods to sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Vine.

There's also a site named "Lubhub". What does that reference?