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Wreck-It Ralph film set in a retro game

Disney flick references Donkey Kong, Halo.

Disney is making a computer-animated movie about retro arcade game characters.

Wreck-It Ralph stars John C Reilly as Ralph, a bad guy in a video game called Fix-It Felix Jr who's out to prove he's really, deep down, a good guy.

The movie riffs off of eighties video games, according to a report by

Donkey Kong, for example, is referenced in a sequence in which Fix-It Felix Jr makes his way to the top of a building, dodging debris dropped by Ralph.

Ralph even goes to a self-help group called Bad-Anon, run by one of the ghosts from Pac-Man, where video game baddies try to come to grips with being stuck as baddies. He runs into a Halo type game and a Sugar Rush game. has production stills of the movie, which show off its retro look.

Wreck-It Ralph is due out November 2012.