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Worms WMD announced for PC and Xbox One in 2016

While iOS platforms get Worms 4 this summer.

Not one but two new Worms titles are on the horizon. Or is that one new Worms game that's been cut in half?

Worms 4.

Worms WMD arrives for PC and Xbox One in 2016, while Worms 4 wriggles onto iPhone, iPod and iPad in August.

Both games are 2D and keep the graphical style familiar from other recent Worms installments.

You know the score by now - wipe out your opponent's team with explosive sheep, donkeys and OAPs while trying to stay alive yourself.

Worms 4 has been shrunk down for mobile platforms with smaller landscapes, team sizes and match lengths as standard.

Meanwhile, Worms WMD offers some upgrades in the form of buildings you can enter and new vehicles to ride.

Team 17 has more recently found fame as the publisher for indie games such as The Escapists. This week it signed up Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor and Kickstarter smash-hit Yooka-Laylee.

Worms: WMD.

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