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"World's fastest gaming notebook" is...

So powerful it has Turbo Boost Engine.

Notebook maker MSI has unveiled a fleet of ridiculously macho machines and claims they're the "the fastest, most powerful gaming notebooks in the world".

The G series flexes bulging second-gen Intel i7 quad core processors, NVIDIA GTX 500 and 400 graphics cards, USB 3.0 ports and better memory than an elephant, thanks to space for 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

MSI has even installed a Turbo Boost Engine inside the notebooks, "which instantly throttles up system speeds" for when you need your machine to take off.

What's more, the new notebooks have a fancy orange glow and a touch-pad nudged over to the left hand side.

The cost? A "base price" of $1499 (£968). The slightly smaller GT680 (15.6 inch) is out this month, whereas the 17.3 inch GT780 is being held back for Q2 2011.

The MSI website hasn't been updated with the new models yet, but there's an older GT663 notebook you can look at that's part of the same family.