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World of Goo developer Tomorrow Corporation announces 7 Billion Humans for Switch and PC

A "thrilling follow-up" to Human Resource Machine.

Tomorrow Corporation, the developer behind World of Goo and Little Inferno, has announced 7 Billion Humans, a new game for PC and Switch.

7 Billions Humans is described as a "thrilling follow-up" to the developer's 2015 puzzler Human Resource Machine, and demonstrates Tomorrow Corporation's usual flair for the poignantly satirical. This latest endeavour unfolds in a world where humans now serve their robot overlords - after complaining that workforce automation had left them with nothing to do. Here's that sentence again, in longer trailer form:

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Like its predecessor, 7 Billion Humans features a series of programming-themed challenges. However, while Human Resource Machine asked players to use Assembly-based programming commands to automate a single human office worker and solve problems, 7 Billion Humans features 60+ puzzles based on a new language, enabling you to control many, many office workers at the same time. It looks considerably more complicated.

There's no release date for 7 Billions Humans on PC and Switch just yet, but its Steam page notes that launch will be "initiating soon".

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