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Women of Treyarch say inclusive working environment is "our highest priority"

Call of Duty developer released a statement.

The women of Call of Duty developer Treyarch have released a statement saying a safe, diverse, inclusive working environment is "our highest priority".

The statement was released on the Treyarch Twitter account earlier this week.

"Our goal as a studio is to make awesome games for the world to enjoy," it reads. "Having the privilege to pursue that endeavor is made possible because of Treyarch's people: we are a studio comprised of smart, talented, world-class creative professionals who seek to perform at our best.

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"Our culture has no room for sexism, harassment, racism, bigotry, discrimination, or bullying. As we move forward, providing a safe, diverse, inclusive working environment so that all may thrive will be our highest priority.

"Everyone at Treyarch is drawn to game development because we possess a deep love for the artistry of video games and the magic that can create moments that matter. This is a moment that matters and it starts by being better."

Though posted on Treyarch's official account, it has since become clear this statement was written specifically by women working at the studio.

"The women of Treyarch organized to write the statement and have it published," said Treyarch's Miranda Due, who works in the production team. "We are the ones that have been impacted the most by what has happened, and we are fighting for a better future. Change has to happen from within and we are doing our best and need support not this."

Other responses have been shared by women at Treyarch.

"Happy that Treyarch have finally released the statement. This is not a PR stunt, but a sincere and heartfelt statement from the women of Treyarch," said senior game designer Joanna Leung.

"We understand your frustrations with all that is going on. Trust me, WE are too. Sure, we can list all our initiatives to be better here at Treyarch, but actions speak louder than words and this is our first step. Let us show you what we can do and changes that we can make.

"This journey is going to be tough and I'm proud of all those who have already taken up the mantle to improve the conditions in Treyarch. This is going to be an ongoing progress and it might seem slow, but please be patient with us."

Production coordinator Avani Jain also tweeted: "Having a voice and feeling like I can contribute to actual change is one of the reasons I work at Treyarch. This statement is long overdue but it's a start. I'm disappointed with everything that's happened, but I believe we can pave the path for a better future."

The ABetterABK group also shared their thanks.

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