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Woah Dave! will secretly be free for PS Plus members in April

It's not part of the Instant Game Collection.

Minimalist score-chasing platformer Woah Dave! will secretly be free in April for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Woah Dave! is like Super Mario Bros. 2's pick up mechanic crossed with Hot Potato wherein everything you hold tries to kill you.

What we mean by secretly is that it won't officially be part of next month's Instant Game Collection, so you'll have to search for it separately - a tip unveiled on the PlayStation Blogcast.

This cool freebie was later confirmed for Europe by developer Choice Provisions, the new name of bit.trip studio Gaijin Games.

Tomorrow marks Woah Dave's PS4 debut in North America, while Wednesday marks the same occasion for Europe.

Furthermore, the PS4 version of the game will include all the Deluxe Content Choice Provisions outlined in February. This includes: two new levels, five new characters (plus a hidden sixth), boss battles, new enemy types, rideable UFOs, some additional Easter eggs, and the option to play the original game with "Classic Mode".

Woah Dave's Vita version was previously part of January's Instant Game Collection, so those who snagged it then will automatically get access to the PS4 version via Cross-Buy. This works both ways, so those who missed out on Vita will get a second chance in the days ahead. This a very good thing indeed as Woah Dave! comes highly recommended.

For more on Woah Dave!, Our Chris Donlan investigated its unique respawn mechanic - a feature that was originally a bug.

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