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Wintry survival sim Midwinter is getting a remake in 2015

Will launch a Kickstarter soon.

Mike Singleton's 1989 Commodore Amiga and Atari ST survival sim Midwinter is getting remade in glorious HD for PC and unannounced consoles.

Before and after.

The remake is being handled by Chilli Hugger Software
, who previously remade Singleton's The Lords of Midnight on iOS. While Singleton passed away in October, the original Midwinter programmer Dave Gautrey is on board with this remake, which has the full support of the Singleton estate.

Full disclosure: EG-contributor Dan Whitehead is the creative lead on the game, though he remains adamant that he wasn't involved in the project when he wrote his Midwinter retrospective or his recent obituary of Singleton. In fact, it was that retrospective that got him the job in the first place, though he's explained that he was only sought out for the role after those pieces were written and he didn't even know anyone involved in the project when he penned them. Don't worry, we'll deduct a couple of points from the inevitable review score anyway to appear impartial. [Editor's note: Not really.]

"Midwinter was a seminal game, and a huge influence on the open world sandbox genre, but Mike's vision was held back by the technology of the time," Whitehead explained. "Our aim is to bring Midwinter back into the modern gaming environment, combining the depth and variety of the original with today's cutting edge visuals and processing power. The goal is not to merely remake the game, but to fully realise Mike's ambitious design without the limitations of 16-bit hardware."

Chilli Hugger noted that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the game in early 2014, with an expected release in "early 2015."