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WiiWare MDK 2 revival in certification

And MDK 2 HD project for PC still exists.

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Interplay's Wii revival of MDK 2 has entered certification, developer IdeaSpark has revealed.

There's no rock-solid date, but the suggestion is this WiiWare game isn't far off.

"MDK2 for WiiWare has entered the final stages of the certification process," IdeaSpark's boss Trent Oster revealed (via Joystiq).

"We're anxiously awaiting approval from Nintendo so the game can go on sale.

"The Wiimote adds a great deal to the gameplay, making a great action platformer even better."

Developer IdeaSpark also remarked that the MDK 2 HD project for PC still exists.

"We're also looking for feedback and suggestions on HD so fire away," added co-founder Cameron Tofer.

Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer, founders of IdeaSpark, both used to work at BioWare. And BioWare, remember, made MDK 2.

What is MDK 2? A third-person action game released last millennium. The game follows three heroes as they try to save planet Earth from aliens. It's a bit weird.

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