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WiiWare file size limit disputed

Nintendo comments on claims.

Nintendo has disputed some of the Wii Software (WiiWare) details announced in an IGN podcast this week, which claimed that WiiWare titles would be capped at 40MB, that developers would set their own prices and be limited to releasing one game per month.

"I can confirm as we originally said at the announcement of the Wii Ware service earlier in the year that Wii Ware games will come in a range of sizes but we will encourage smaller, more compact games for the service," a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer today.

"I can also confirm we are contemplating that developers will be able to release one game per month during the launch window in order for us to address potential volume issues.

"We have not revealed any details about who sets pricing for Wii Ware titles. However it is important to remember that one of the keys aspects of the Wii Ware service is to allow everyone access to fresh, new content at a low price."

So in other words, there's some truth in what's being said, but some of the finer details might be a bit off. Nintendo is officially classifying the information as "speculation", despite the statement above.

Wii Software - more commonly known as WiiWare because America and Japan are bigger than us - is a system a bit like Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network that allows developers to create smaller games and sell them to consumers for lower prices than boxed copies.

Nintendo hopes the service will encourage independent teams and those who lack the wherewithal to produce big games to get involved with Wii development as the console's installed base grows and its free online service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, continues to attract users.