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Wii outsells PS3 by 3 to 1

In Japan. Gap is narrowing.

The Nintendo Wii is proving three times as popular as PS3 in Japan - but the latest Enterbrain figures show the gap could be starting to narrow.

Bloomberg reports that in the four weeks ending August 26 Nintendo sold 245,653 Wii units. That means they've shifted more than 3.4 million in the region so far.

The figure for PS3 stood at 81,541 units, pushing lifetime sales past the 1.1 million mark. Just 11,288 Xbox 360 consoles were sold, with lifetime sales now at 442,290.

Wii outsold PS3 by 3 to 1 during August, but the ratio was 4 to 1 the previous month and 6 to 1 in May and June.

Between July and August Wii sales fell by 38 per cent, while Xbox 360 was down 37 per cent. The number of PlayStation 3 units sold dropped by 11 per cent.

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