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Wii Opera browser slips to April

Nintendo makes final changes.

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Nintendo and Opera have announced that the final version of the Wii Internet Channel will now be available in April, a little later than the previous release date in March.

It's been delayed to allow last minute tweaks to the Opera browser to ensure a better surfing experience.

Scrolling and zooming are said to have been improved, as are start-up times and accessibility to favourites. It will also now feature buttons to quickly punch-in common Internet wordy-things, like "www" or "com" or "Hollyoaks", decreasing the amount of time you'll need to spend waving your arms about.

A test version has been available on the console since December, and the full banana will be free to download until June. If you happen to fall asleep for two months and miss this promotion, well, you'll have to fork out 500 Wii points for the browsing privileges.

Surfing the web is just one of the options available from the console's Menu Channels. There's also the Internet Channel, Disc Channel, Photo Channel, Mii Channel and Wii Shop Channel, as well as the Forecast Channel, which lets you see just how dismal the UK's weather is compared to other bits of the world. And then laugh.

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