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Wii leads console war

Nintendo tops the worldwide pile.

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Worldwide cumulative sales of the Wii are now greater than those for 360, making it the best selling console of this generation, reports.

According to figures in the Financial Times, gamers across the world have collectively bought 9 million Wii consoles, 8.9 Xbox 360 consoles, and 3.7 million PlayStation 3 consoles.

Nintendo has now overtaken Microsoft within ten months, despite the one year head start enjoyed by the Redmond giant.

"The fact of the matter is that, despite the Xbox's earlier launch in November 2005, it only sells in two markets - Europe and the US," said one analyst in Tokyo. "Japan is home turf to Sony and Nintendo, so the Xbox is not a player at all. In contrast, Nintendo has been selling well in all three major markets."

Nintendo hasn't enjoyed the console top-spot since the SNES stuck us to telly-screens back between 1990 to 1993. Up until now, Sony had been the driving force in the market up, ever since the first PlayStation popped on shelves in 1994.

July saw Nintendo pass Sony in market capitalisation for the first time ever.

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