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Wii gets Google-fuelled quiz game

Pit search terms against each other.

Japanese developer Shift has announced a Wii quiz title where you compete in mini-games based around which terms have more hits on Google.

The game is called And Kensaku, and thanks to Siliconera's translation of the loud and happy official site, we know what sort of format it takes.

One mode is a simple quiz in which players have to guess which term has more hits on Google, so "Britney Spears bald" probably gets more than "Bertie's dignity" (the latter's probably a googlewhack).

Other modes involve picking terms to try and make a character run faster in a race, and trying to avoid picking the least popular term in a game of hot potato.

Apparently the game has 10,000 search terms on the disc, and more can be downloaded through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

And Kensaku is due out in Japan on 29th April. Any similarity to the legendary Eurogamer Fight! is presumably coincidental.