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Wii beating PS3 2-to-1 in Japan

DS continues to laugh and win.

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Nintendo has sold more than twice as many Wiis in Japan as Sony has sold PlayStation 3s, according to research firm Enterbrain, which owns Famitsu.

According to the figures, reported by Bloomberg, Nintendo had sold 1.95 million units up to 25th March, having launched in the region on 2nd December, while Sony had managed 812,000 between 11th November and 25th March.

Sony's official shipment figures for Asia up to the end of 31st December suggest it managed to put around that number into the region by the end of 2007, although that does include supplying countries in Asia other than Japan.

Wii continues to sell strongly in Japan, with weekly sales reports from Media Create putting unit sales for the week ended 25th March at just over 75,000, while PS3 managed just over 20,000 in the same period.

Neither of the consoles will be troubling the DS for a while though, with Nintendo's handheld continuing to dominate the Japanese market, selling 130,000 units in the same week the other two managed 95,000 between them.

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