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What's New? (21st Dec, 2007)

We're surprised he bothered. Or did he.

This may very well be the last time I sit cross-legged on my living room floor, laptop perched on a pine box, footses wrapped in blankets, tapping humorously away into a Word processor for the sake of new game releases.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Humorous, Tom? First time, more like!" This is why I don't like you. Fortunately, others of you are thinking, "Oh no! What's happened! Where is Tom going! Why am I not using question marks!!"

Well, I can't say I am not going anywhere. That would be a lie. The good news is that I am only moving upward and backward about three feet - because from now on, gentle readers/Mum, What's New will be written on a brand new sofa that is arriving later today so my flat has furniture in it!

(Unless I write it at the office, obviously.)

To say I am excited about having a sofa to sit on would be to understate the matter considerably - something that the contents of this week's What's New so far suggest that I am in no mind to do.

In fact, I am so excited about it that I have actually exceeded the physical peak of joy and gone full circle, so my body has shut down, grated the inside of my throat, detonated my snot reserves and implanted an angry squirrel in my head. (Man cold, in other words.)

Fortunately Martin who draws the website has a very compassionate better half called Vicky, who works quite near where I live (and sit and wait for sofas), meaning that not only did I not need to brave the cold to fetch lunch, but I have been receiving instructions all morning on how best to fix myself (raw red peppers, apparently), along with a weird "tonic" that you are supposed to take before eating so that you get more nutrients out of whatever you've bought. Hopefully it works with Ginsters.

But the best news of all, surely, is that I am writing this on Tuesday, and now it is Friday and I feel fine again.

Also by the time you read this, I may very well have been on Internet radios talking rubbish about computer games. So enjoy that, because as must be apparent I'm not straining anything for you on this particular page. Except to say what's out, of course, which is probably wrong anyway.

So, buy away, and see you all in 2008 when all the nonsense is over.

This week:

  • Blades of Steel (Wii Virtual Console - NES)
  • Monster Lair (Wii Virtual Console - TurboGrafx-16)
  • Populous: The Beginning (PS3 Store - PSone)
  • Sensible World of Soccer (Xbox Live Arcade - well, sort of)
  • Skate or Die (Wii Virtual Console - NES)
  • Tempest (Xbox Live Arcade)
  • Toy Home (PS3 Store)
  • WarHawk Operation: Omega Dawn (PS3 Store)

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