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What is Kinect Googly Eyes?

UPDATE: Report points to Rare.

UPDATE: Could Rare be involved? A 123 Kinect forum member has spotted a blog post on the developer's website dating back to January detailing content left out of Kinect Sports' Party Pack DLC. A feature called Googly Eyes was initially planned for inclusion.

"As a classic Rare easter egg, we put eyes on every inanimate object in the game and gave them expressions when they hit something – the football, paddle, bowling ball and so on," read the Rare post.

"It was removed for fear of what the NSPCG (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Googlies) might have had to say on the matter. Spoilsports!"

ORIGINAL STORY: With two weeks to go before the annual E3 throwdown, the list of prospective Kinect titles continues to grow. The latest addition? Kinect Googly Eyes.

An Australian Classifications Board listing spotted by Siliconera outed the game, but reveals only that it will be published by Microsoft and possibly incorporates user generated content.

Last week Eurogamer learned that Microsoft is planning to unveil at least 10 "non-sequel" Kinect games at E3. Earlier today we heard about Kinect Me and Kinect Lab, while ratings board listings for Hole in the Wall and Fruit Ninja Kinect have also recently been sighted.

Twitter tipster Superannuation also dug up a couple of online resumés today that suggest Spanish developer Virtual Toy is working on a mystery first party Kinect title.

No word on what exactly it is, but a quick glance at the studio's CV should help you manage your expectations. With past titles including Planet Rescue: Animal Emergency, Petz: Horsez 2 and Imagine Fashion Model, it seems unlikely that whatever it's working on is one of the games intended to "serve the hardcore".