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We've got 150 beta keys for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to give away

Afterlife is sweet.

World of Warcraft's eighth expansion Shadowlands now has a release date - 27th October - and thanks to Blizzard we have a chance for 150 of you to join the current beta test and try it out ahead of its release.

Shadowlands takes players on a new adventure in Warcraft's version of the afterlife, where they will get a chance to join one of four Covenants - essentially factions of the world of the dead. The expansion also goes hand-in-hand with a sweeping revision of levelling in the game, a new experience for new players and a reduced level cap. You can read my thoughts on that here. You can try both the new high-level areas and the revamped levelling experience in the beta.

For a chance to receive one of the beta keys, answer the question in the widget below and let us know your email address. Entry is open until 12pm on Tuesday 1st September. Will email you with a key if you win - the key can be redeemed at your Blizzard Account page. The giveaway is open to anyone and everyone over 13 years of age.

Good luck!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta key giveaway