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We've all been calling the DualShock's X button the wrong name and PlayStation's had enough

Press X to pay respects.

That symbol in the southernmost position of the four buttons on your DualShock controller. What do you call it?

If you're of rational mind, you'll probably call it the "Ex" button, right? That's what I call it. That's what my pals call it. I mean, we've all seen detractors, those unsettling people who call it - wait for it - "Cross"! Ha! - but they're just being contrary. We all know the truth. We know we're right.

Except we're not. After the latest "what do you call this button?" debate raged on social media, PlayStation UK decided to wade in. Only instead of clearing everything up, all it's done is blow our collective minds.

According to PlayStation, "Ex" is wrong. I'm wrong. We're all wrong. It's - and I can barely type this, my fingers are shaking so badly - it is indeed called a... a "Cross".

"Triangle. Circle. Cross. Square," PlayStation UK insisted. "If Cross is called X (it's not), then what are you calling Circle?"

Here's the science bit:

And then there's this...

For what it's worth, to date 81 per cent of the 135,000 respondents to this PlayStation Twitter poll also believe it's "Ex" but it's too late, isn't it? It's over. We lost. Hit "Cross" to pay respects.

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