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We're giving away Arcade Paradise PC keys to yearly supporters

Now you can make money laundering.

A close-up of an arcade controller area, joysticks and buttons lit by the soft light of the screen. Heaven.
Image credit: Arcade Paradise

We've got some Arcade Paradise keys to give away to yearly supporters of Eurogamer.

They're PC (Steam) keys and you can claim one by going to the "My account" section of Eurogamer (top-right on desktop site; in the Menu on mobile) and navigating to "Codes" section once there (there's another Menu on mobile that gets you there). Then, simply scroll down and find the Arcade Paradise box and claim your key.

Arcade Paradise was one of our stand-out games of 2022. I've just published an interview about Arcade Paradise that's worth checking out, too, if I don't say so myself.

In the game, you run a laundrette. But in the back of the laundrette, you also run an arcade. You're not supposed to be doing that but you're sticking it to the man - the man, in this case, being your father Gerald (who's voiced by Geralt of Rivia actor Doug Cockle, funnily enough - pun absolutely intended).

Here is Ian trying to run his own arcade and adjoining laundry business. But will he mix his whites with his 1UPs? We will see.Watch on YouTube

Your arcade is small at first but as money comes in - from the cabinets you have plus the laundrette business you're supposed to be running - you'll soon be able to afford to expand and order new cabinets using the computer in the back room. There are more than 35 to collect - actually there are around 50 now, with the DLC - and they're all tongue-in-cheek riffs on famous arcade games from real-life.

Chris Donlan loved it in his Arcade Paradise review. "This quirky slice-of-life will transport you back into the past," he wrote. And I'll add that it's also a very chill game perfect for an evening wind-down.

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