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Welcome Bendix, newest member of our video team

Great Dane.

I'm delighted to announce that Bendix Engmann has joined Eurogamer as the newest member of our video team! Bendix will join Aoife, Ian and Johnny on our YouTube channel, and I'm sure she'll pop up from time to time here on the site too.

This is Bendix. Say hello!

Bendix is Danish, and she comes to Eurogamer via an unusual route. A keen member of the Outside Xbox and Eurogamer YouTube communities, Bendix - who's a talented illustrator and trained animator as well as a huge gaming fan - did some Outside Xbox fan art that caught our eye here at Gamer Network. Some commissions to illustrate the Oxventure (the Dungeons & Dragons campaign overseen by our own Johnny Chiodini as Dungeon Master) followed. Earlier this year, Bendix came over to London for EGX Rezzed and hit it off with the Eurogamer video team straight away - which, funnily enough, was around the same time that we found out that a position on the team would soon be vacated by... that guy, what was his name... nope, it's gone.

Bendix's previous job was animating instructional videos on how to perform CPR; in her spare time, she enjoys playing tabletop RPGs, explaining what the hell is going on Kingdom Hearts and drawing pictures live on the internet, among many other things. You can find her on Twitter as @TheDustyLeaves.

Here she is 'enjoying' a baptism of fire on her first day yesterday, playing Overcooked with the rest of the team. It all goes wrong immediately. In a good way?

Watch on YouTube

Bendix has relocated from Copenhagen to London for this job, so I know you'll join us in making her feel especially welcome. I'm super excited to see the unique perspectives she can bring to our video output, and to see what we can achieve now we're back up to full strength in video. Onwards!

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